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Stepping into Reiki is Stepping into Magic

Ever wonder if magic is real? Well, it is. I was 14 years old when I discovered I could heal. I was scheduled for surgery for a mass in my knee that the 3 expert doctors I went to couldn’t identify. I was fine with the idea of getting crutches because I always wanted them, but when the surgery got closer to happening, I got scared. I put my hands on my knee, with the thought that I didn’t want this anymore, and the mass, that was just shy of golf ball size, disappeared. The doctors ran tests and scans, and it was gone. After that I would mostly only use this ability in cases of emergency, sometimes it would come out automatically when I was creating something or working on a client (I did hair for 20 years). I was raised Christian and didn’t want negative attention in this way. It wasn’t until I was 40 years old that I even heard the word “Reiki”. I looked it up to see what it was, and I realized I found my people, I found my home. In my first Reiki class I was there with people of all sorts. People that wanted to bring this world more healing by healing themselves and healing their family. I decided to take this class because my father had just been diagnosed with Kidney failure. He wouldn’t accept my kidney and I was 1,400 miles away from him, living in California

with my husband and son. I had only healed by placing my hands directly on someone or something, so this class, with its distant healing attunement and symbol, was my way to heal my dad. I had always thought you had to be born with abilities, like psychic abilities or being able to move energy and such, but in this first Reiki I & II class I witnessed, in mere minutes, people without these abilities, gain these abilities. It opened my mind and opened my world. 

I continued my training in this merely out of curiosity and wanting more. I never thought I’d take Reiki clients beside my family members and for sure never teach, but Reiki had a different plan for me. I couldn’t help myself not share this amazing gift, and so, when I had a hair client that was in pain, I’d offer them Reiki, that’s how my Reiki clients grew, and through their word of mouth grew more. I started teaching by first offering Reiki attunements and training to my family for self-healing and for helping their kiddos – so many of us are having extrasensory kiddos now, Reiki helps tremendously with them, and they love it!  After that, I started getting approached to teach by people I was mentoring through magical groups I was a part of. I love helping and I can’t say no when I know I can help.

During my first Reiki attunement, my heart wall broke open. I had been walling my heart in for years, trying to cope with the woundings I gained through sexual abuse, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse I went through as a child into my twenties, and the rapes that I had experienced until I was in my thirties. My therapist had been asking me to let her do EMDR on me for this (we had done this procedure for other things in my life), but I told her I wasn’t ready, I was too scared to let this wall come down – I thought I couldn’t survive it. I didn’t know what to do now that it was gone, and my heart was open again, but I had a strange peace about it, and thought, ‘Oh well, I guess we’ll see what happens’. When I got home that night, after my 1st attunement, my dog placed her snout firmly and abruptly into each of my palms to check out this different energy. And when I got home the next night, after my 2nd attunement, she barked at me, like I was a different person. I was a different person and I survived having my heart open. It brought me into my journey of self-loving behavior (which I had to retrain myself how to do). It brought me into healing and validating my wounds and the wounds of others and mended my small world (the relationships with my husband and son) and continued to grow outward into my big world. 

I’ve used Reiki to send to war zones, fires, animals and people in need, homicide scenes, all sorts of emergencies for wisdom and clarity of mind and extra energy for quick recovery, and peace – a higher way/ option.

I’ve used Reiki for healing our planet, to reconnect our lay-lines, nourishment in the soil, removing the multiple overlays of conflict and violent acts.

I’ve used Reiki in magic for creating abundance and peace between us all.

I’ve used Reiki to heal my body from broken bones to internal bleeding to Celiac disease to the life-long sexually transmitted diseases I got from two of my rapes.

I’ve used Reiki for wisdom in situations and to find the way when there seems to be no way.

Reiki teaches and guides each one of us it touches. There are innumerable uses for it.

If you decide to start your Reiki journey, from here on out your life will never be the same. It is the greatest privilege to be able to live in this energy, to have the ability to channel it at any time (which you will gain in Reiki I class) and have the ability to share it with the world. The more you practice, the stronger it gets and the more it teaches you.

We are at a very special time here, on Earth, right now. So many of us have the strongest desire and focus to wield energy for healing the planet and everyone on it. We are here, called, to be energy engineers, and Reiki is the powerhouse of beneficial, healing, highest frequency energy. It is the energy of Love from Divine Source. Whether you are called to do this as a profession or not, that doesn’t matter, you are being initiated into a glorious art that will change your life and the life of all that touch you. I am grateful for you, my fellow earthling, for stepping onto this sacred path of self-discovery, healing, power, and freedom.

Blessed Be.

by Kristen Karvouni, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Usui/ Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Animal Reiki Master, and Kid Reiki™ Master, Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association of the International Center for Reiki Training


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