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ICRT Animal Reiki Master
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After completion of this 3-day course, you will be able to teach Animal Reiki I & II and Animal Reiki Master level classes, both online and in-person.

Animal Reiki Master energy works with your Usui Reiki Master energy to empower and grow the connection to the Spirit of the Earth, The Tree of Life Reiki (which is the Animal Reiki energy) and the Divine Animal Kingdom. You will be working with these beautiful energies and guides daily to grow your connection to all, and your intuition will grow. The Animal Reiki symbol received in this Master class empowers the vitality and life force in both animals and people. It unifies the human and animal consciousness in you, and the Animal Reiki energy along with this Master class is deeply healing for people, as much as it is for the animals.  This class gives you the ability to attune all animals (human too) to this energy so that they have the ability to call it in anytime they need it.

With enrollment of this course, you will receive the ICRT Animal Reiki Master Manual by Benelli, Strong, Benelli & Allen-LeBlanc. On completion of this course, you will receive your Animal Reiki Master diploma and have the ability to teach and attune Online and in-person.

To qualify to take this class you need to be an ICRT Animal Reiki I & II practitioner and a Reiki Master from any lineage. There is no wait time required between classes.

Class cost: $1095 ($295 non-refundable deposit)


Topics We Cover

3 Day Class


Classes Schedule

October 25th, 26th & 27th, Online via Zoom, 6 AM - 3:30 PM Pacific Time