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Online Reiki Session

Book a Reiki Session with Me

All my Reiki sessions are online. This allows me to reach you anywhere you are and at any time that is preferred – I’ve had clients call me from work to ask for a session before or during a big meeting. I’ve also had clients reach out while they are in labor and before surgeries to get Reiki sent to them during those times.

It’s all very simple. You can be at home, if that is where you’d like to be, I’ll call you at the time of your appointment, ask you a few questions on what you want Reiki to go to, and we will begin. I’ll ask you to get comfortable, with a blanket if that’s what you’d like, and I will take you through a guided meditation while Reiki is working on you. Then, I’ll bring you back at the end of your session and we will discuss how you feel.

If you’d like to book a session for Reiki during a medical procedure or at work or school, then I will not be on the phone with you, and I will need the date and time of the event.

My sessions are $120 hourly.

To book, please call or email me with your request and I’ll respond to schedule our best appointment time.