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Reiki is the energy that comes from God / Source / the Universe. The word Reiki is Japanese, and it translates to “Divine / Spiritual / Universal Life-Force Energy”. 

You have probably felt Reiki before. You know what it feels like when you go to the ocean, and you somehow feel washed clean, or your burdens are lighter? Or when you eat an organic heirloom tomato, and you can feel the vitality coursing through you? Or when you are holding a newborn baby or puppy, and you can feel that joy and peace that flutters from them? That’s Reiki.

Reiki is universal-life-force-energy and so it’s compatible with all of us. It’s the energy that we come from. And so, it revitalizes our body, and our body knows what to do with it like it knows what to do with vital nutrients. We just wick it in like a dry sponge to water, and it clears out stuck energy like pain and illness.

But the more we get Reiki, it will also go to the other areas of our body like our emotional bodies and spiritual bodies and revitalize those - connecting us with our higher self (our wisdom) and our child self (our purpose). And it brings in answers to our questions like ‘why are we here?’ or ‘what’s my next step?’ and then life begins to get simpler and easier.

Most of us don’t have the time to spend all our time at the ocean or holding babies, and so getting attuned to Reiki helps us profoundly when we are dealing with a life of chronic stress or illness or trauma. When we get attuned to Reiki, we can call it in anytime we need it. We become like a straw bringing this supportive life-giving energy to ourselves and our environments anytime we need it.

Reiki has always been around, but it became popularized about 100 years ago. It’s now so mainstream because of its world-renowned results in pain reduction, speedy recoveries, and stress management that it's used in over 800 hospitals in the United States alone.   

Children can do Reiki, animals can do Reiki, adults can do Reiki, anyone can do Reiki as long as they have gone through the attunement process.

Attunements in Reiki are a receiving of a higher energy that is specifically intended to stay with you for the rest of your life. They are sometimes called Initiations, Placements or Ignitions, in some groups and practices. This energy gets placed in your energy field on the soul level, and your whole body (physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body) then entrains to it…. attunes to it.

In Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Usui Tibetan Reiki (the style I got my first Reiki Master Teacher training in) the Reiki Master Teacher channels the attunement energy through their body and passes it on to the student. This is a beautiful process and ceremony. In the Holy Fire® Reiki style (another style of Reiki that I am a Master Teacher in and the style I currently perform all my attunements in) the attunement energy flows directly to the student without it being channeled through the Master Teacher. This allows for a higher level of energy to pass to the student. During a Holy Fire® attunement the energy and symbols get placed not only at the soul level but also at the spirit level.

Because of the entrainment process that takes place in the body, we have appointed time periods between attunements to help ease the shifts that take place.

It is necessary to go through the attunement process in order to give a Reiki session, so you don’t deplete your own lifeforce energy.

The attunement process is a beautiful and awakening experience where tremendous healing takes place.

No. Most people that take Reiki classes and get attuned to Reiki do this just for themselves and their family members. Even people that go through Master Teacher training do it to have more of the energy options in their “tool box” of resources and don’t ever intend to teach. One of my Reiki teachers puts it like this: “not all Reiki practitioners (people that practice Reiki) have a Reiki business (people that teach and offer sessions), but all people that have a Reiki business are Reiki practitioners.” Meaning they have a daily practice of Self-Reiki.

A Reiki session is a channeled, Divinely-Guided-Lifeforce-Energy session where the Reiki practitioner sends (channels) this energy to you wherever it is needed - to your body, energy field, and/or environment.

It can be done in-person or from a distance (online).

If it is in person, the client is typically asked to lay on a massage table, or sometimes it is administered in a chair. The client remains fully clothed and usually is provided with a comfort blanket. Gentle music is played, and it is extremely comforting and relaxing.

If from a distance (online), the client can be anywhere they wish. They are asked to get as comfortable as possible and be open to receiving the blessings of Reiki.

Most Reiki sessions are blocked out in hour increments and can be as frequent as every day to once a week or once a month.  

No. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion, and it is not a religion. It can be used as a way to get closer to your divine/ higher self and your divine/ higher wisdom.

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