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Karuna/ Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master
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Upon completion of this 3-day class, you will be a qualified Karuna Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master with the ability to attune and ignite others to Karuna Reiki®, online and in-person.

Karuna Reiki® is the Divine energy of compassion, compassionate action mixed with wisdom. This class is Karuna I, II & Master in three days. In this class you will receive attunements to 8 more Reiki symbols and energies – 9 if this is your first Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master class. In this energy you will heal and be able to heal deep trauma (childhood abuse, sexual abuse/ assault, PTSD, addiction behavior) with more ease and effectiveness. You get attuned to a symbol for energy anesthesia to assist with this. You will also get attuned to the Holy Fire® III World Peace energy – this is the Master Symbol for the Karuna Reiki® Class. The Holy Fire® Reiki symbol and energy heals religious trauma, heals anything that might prevent the body from healing and provides guidance. The Holy Fire® III World Peace energy brings in incredible peace regardless of your living situation being tempestuous, it unites the human collective consciousness with the higher way or options, it has all the healing energies in it and so it will meet each person differently with the level that is needed for them and is profoundly powerful while being incredibly gentle. The Holy Fire® energy is also the most effective spirit release energy I’ve ever used, and it does so with thorough effectiveness with no residual negativities. It also protects you and anyone you send it to from spirit attacks. This energy works with the Brothers and Sisters of the Light, a group of Ascended Masters that are here to help us heal and teach us how to heal. This energy awakens your authentic self and instates divine love in you. This class is a powerful healing experience.

With enrollment of this course, you will receive the Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Training Manual Online and In-Person Including World Peace Reiki by William Lee Rand. On completion of this course, you will receive your Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master diploma and have the ability to teach and attune Online and in-person.

To qualify for this class, you need to have been attuned to the Reiki Master energy and symbol for at least six months prior. All lineages are welcome.

Class cost: $1095 ($295 non-refundable deposit)


Topics We Cover

3 Day Class


Classes Schedule

October 8th, 9th & 10th, Online via Zoom, 8 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time